Concentration Of Deet Repellents

The use of Deet based repellents is rising every year as it offers greatest benefit in repelling disease-bearing insects. It also is beneficial for those exposed to insects carrying malaria, dengue fever and other diseases. But does one know the recommended concentration of Deet, before using the product? If you are not sure of the answer, then this article is a must read for you. Get to know the Deet repellent concentrations before you start using the product.

It was in 1957 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered DEET for public use. DEET repellent was re-assessed in 1998 to make sure that it met the modern safety standards. It was concluded that it was indeed very safe when the right Deet repellent concentrations were used as directed. With over 50 years of scientific research behind it, make it the most strongly tested repellent in the market. Although safe, one should make it a point to read and follow all labels instructions and other details regarding concentration of Deet repellent.

DEET repellent is generally sold in concentrations up to 100%. Consumer Reports found a straight relation between DEET concentration and the time of protection against insects. While 100% DEET repellent concentrations was found to present up to 12 hours of protection, lower Deet concentrations (20%-34%) offered 3–6 hours of protection. The recommended concentration of Deet by the Center for Disease Control recommends is 30-50%.

The older products containing DEET often had misleading labels claiming the concentration of Deet for child safety to be of 15% or less. However, in 1998, when the EPA reassessed DEET, it came to the conclusion that Deet concentrations of 100% are safe for children when used as directed. EET-based insect repellents are available in a range of Deet concentrations from5 percent to 100 percent. Where a 5 percent product will offer a protection for approximately 90 minutes, a 100 percent product will protect you for approximately 10 hours.

It has been sent that the longer you are outside, the higher the concentration of Deet repellent should be. Higher Deet concentrations also are suggested for all outdoor activities and for regions with large populace of insects or ticks. Therefore, a person’s life activity and geographic location can be the deciding factors for the recommended concentration of Deet. When label instructions are followed, the EPA has determined that, all concentrations of Deet can be used by individuals of all ages.