When Using Deet On Children

Although no serious illness has been linked to using Deet on children, there are no definitive studies are present in the scientific literature about using Deet on kids. Is Deet safe for children? Well, as a parent one should be aware of the precautions required when using Deet repellents on children. Read on to know all about children and Deet repellents as this is the prime focus of this page.

The AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Environmental Health has recently modernized their recommendation for use of Deet on children. According to them, insect repellents containing DEET with a concentration of 10% appear to be as safe as products with a concentration of 30% when used according to the directions on the product labels. As per the AAP and other experts, it is ok to apply repellent with low concentrations of DEET to infants over 2 months old. It is also acceptable for using Deet repellents on children over 2 years of age. It should be kept in mind that Non-DEET repellents have not been as thoroughly researched on as DEET, and may therefore be not safe to use on children.

If your child generally stays outside for a few hours, a Deet repellent with 10% or less concentration should be enough. But if he is out for longer periods of time, there is no harm in reapplying the insect repellent regularly. But if your child is literally going to be out all day, then there is no harm in going for a Deet repellent with a higher concentration. So, parents, when using Deet on children should choose the type and concentration of repellent after taking into account the amount of time their child will spend outdoors. Persons, who are concerned about using Deet repellents on children, may consult their health care provider for advice.

Some general precautions when using Deet on children:

• Apply the Deet repellent to your own hands before applying them on your child.

• Avoid putting the repellent on areas around children's eyes and mouth

• Use the repellent carefully around their ears.

• Do not apply repellent to children's hands.

• Never allow young children to apply the Deet insect repellent themselves. Always have an adult do it for them.

• Keep repellents out of reach of children. Do not apply repellent to skin under clothing.

When using Deet on kids, make sure the repellent product you buy states any age restriction on the label. Always follow directions carefully while using Deet on children.