Effect Of Deet On Environment

Few studies and little research have been carried out to assess possible effect of Deet on environment on the environment. But before using any of the Deet based repellents, it would be wise to get well familiar with the effect of Deet Repellent on environment. Read on to know more on the topic.

Although DEET is a moderate chemical pesticide, it may not be appropriate for using in and around water sources. As it is so commonly used, it has often been found in wastewater and other water bodies affected by wastewater. Going into learning more about Deet environmental effects, though DEET is not likely to bioaccumulate, it does have a slight toxicity for coldwater fish like the rainbow trout and the tilapia. Some species of freshwater zooplankton are also known to be impacted from the environmental effects of Deet. As a result of production and use, DEET has been discovered in low concentrations in water bodies. For instance, in Mississippi River and its tributaries, levels of Deet repellents varying from 5 to 201 ng/ have been found in a 1991 study.

Among other effects of Deet on environment, it can be acted upon by fungi, bacteria, and other microorganism in the soil. Research and experiments have revealed that fungal and bacterial breakdown products had less toxicity than DEET itself. Likewise, it breaks down as well as a mist or vapor in the air. If present in very high concentration, DEET can be extremely toxic to freshwater fish and insects. It will kill half of the fish and insects. DEET is also known to damage those surfaces like plastics, watch crystals, eyeglasses frames, rayon, spandex, other synthetic fabrics, leather etc;

To conclude the subject of the effect of Deet Repellent on environment, it can be inferred that it does have a negative impact on fish, insects, animals, and humans. Although the public has been told to use DEET, spray pesticides, and eliminate standing water to keep away the insects and mosquitoes, the environmental protection agency and the CDC both have officially stated that DEET is not harmful and there are negligible effects of Deet on environment when used as directed.